A Month!!!!!!!

by TicTaek on 08/29/2010

Who am I? and Where have I been for the past month?

Do tell?????

Nah! That would be too easy.

I feel in love with Tumblr blogs today for some reason. A friend of mine was wanting to set up a small blog for a business he was setting up and I mentioned that he should use WordPress or Tumblr. I only knew of Tumblr but have never used the service myself. He decided to go with Tumblr and for the fun of it, I decided to make one of my own at the same time. Just for kicks.

I found a theme I like and have already posted three times today of just small random stuff. I like it because it lends itself nicely to quick posts. It’s simple, yet elegant all at the same time.

It will mostly be used for pictures and other rare oddities that I come across, but we shall see what happens.

Check out here @ http://myshashin.tumblr.com.


Perfume + Pepsi x Lovefool

by TicTaek on 07/29/2010

What is better than a Pepsi and a Perfume combination commercial?  I have no idea.

A wicked awesome cover/remix of Perfume’s version of Lovefool.  This was made by AndressBulletproof over on that crazy YouTube world.

See the original Pepsi commercial featuring this song and Perfume plus other goofy clips below. Yah boi!

Sucker Punch

by TicTaek on 07/22/2010

**UPDATE**  The trailer has been released for this film over here @ http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/wb/suckerpunch.  I must say, WOW!!!!!!  Looks like it’ll be a wild ride.  Get HYPE!

Okay!  Just found this.

If you love the movies that Zack Snyder directs (300, Watchmen), then check out the website for his newest release set to come out March 2011.

It’s called Sucker Punch and from the website, it looks uber cool.  Well, all you see is gun shooting and some type of Mech with some nice heavy artillery, but either way, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

A ton of posters have been released and below is just one example.  Head over to Slash Film to view the rest.


Super Eurobeats Rule the World

by TicTaek on 07/22/2010

I’m trying to think of where I want to go with this today.  Not really sure.  aha, I know.

One of my favorite forums which sadly I haven’t been visiting that often these days are the Initial D fan forums over at Initial D World.  One of greatest additions to this particular forum is the Radio Broadcast that plays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Usually it’s just a constant stream of music played from Initial D and Wangan Midnight soundtracks, but on occasion, there are DJ’s that do their own thing and spice things up in various ways.

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A Marine P.O.P. Girl

by TicTaek on 07/15/2010

I don’t collect many figures/statues/dolls/toys/whatever else you want to call them. Many reasons exist as to why I don’t.  Reasons such as price (these things can be bloody expensive and frankly, I’d rather drink 40 slushes most of the time than buy a figure), location (where the heck I am supposed to put the darn things) and looks (from friends and family who do not understand my madness).

But, the odd time when the moons align and I’m caught at a weak moment, I find myself in the mood to purchase a “toy”. Once such day happened back in March, where I pre-ordered myself a new toy and I just recently received it in the post last week.

Here are some hints as to who exactly it is:

  • It’s from Japan (duh!)
  • Made buy the magical Megahouse
  • A character from a very popular Shonen Jump manga
  • This character is known, but not seen much throughout
  • He/she carries a sword

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The Other Awesome Indie Game: Part Two

by TicTaek on 07/12/2010

Well, I’m back! And of course, I’m going to highlight the other Indie game that I am super stoked to play when it’s released later this year.

If you like puzzles and things that are “cute”, then is game is going to be right up your alley. Even if one of those two things isn’t exactly your forté, I still think that you’re going to like this game, or at the very least, be intrigued by the whole thing.

So today, I would like to present to you……*drum roll please**

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Indie Games FTW! Part One

by TicTaek on 07/08/2010

I pay attention to a ton of gaming news. I won’t lie. I find it extremely interesting for some odd reason, well, probably cause most would call me a gamer. I’m not as hardcore as some, but yes, I do enjoy sitting down and putting myself into other worlds of full of vibrant colors.

There are a couple of Indie games that I would like to share with you. One that I’ve been following for over a year now and the other, which I’ve taken up to follow just a few months ago. I want to share these games with you because not only do they look fun to play, but they, in many ways, push what a game means. Outstanding visuals, beautiful music, and innovation all play a big part in what I want from a game.

Let’s get started!

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A BeTA Welcome!

by TicTaek on 07/05/2010

Congrats on finding this new page!

This is blog stuck in Beta, or, perhaps it’s even more infant than that. I should probably call it an Alpha page. Either or, it’s a work in progress.

Please tempt your desires and stop by often, things will change. Maybe not super fast, but they will. I’ll even start posting here and making myself comfortable. It’s like moving into a new house, it takes time for things to feel, homey.